Will Litecoin Continue Its Stupendous Rise Under Volatility?

Litecoin (LTC) is slowly getting back to its winning ways though the crypto market volatility is still strongly continuing. The price of LTC rose slowly from a sluggish start in the upward direction over the past three months. The price has been moving in the range between 38.73 – $81.87 showing an indication of the […]Read More

Litecoin is Almost Trading Flat, However, The Long Term is

Meta Data: The growth in Litecoin has stopped today has movement has almost gone flat. As of now, the trends are bullish. You can pre-order the new Ellipal Wallet Titan from the Litecoin Foundation store today. The wallet will protect against remote & physical attacks. Ontology Network and NEO Blockchain have partnered with Litecoin Foundation […]Read More

Litecoin (LTC) Price Analysis: Trends are Bullish; The Coin is

Meta Data: Litecoin continued its growth today as well. As of now, the trends are bullish and it is the right time for some buying. Litecoin (LTC) is actively promoting the upcoming annual meet and in their latest instalment, for every purchase made from the Litecoin Foundation store go towards Litecoin development and global promotion. […]Read More

Litecoin Made a Strong Bounce Back of More than 15%

Meta Data: Litecoin has shown some sign of strengthening. As of now, the trends are bullish but be cautious in trading. There is a piece of good news for the investors of Litecoin (LTC), as from now onwards they can use LTC chips on Coincards.com to purchase gift cards. These gift cards can be used […]Read More