Litecoin Price Analysis: Will LTC Keep Its Upward Momentum Intact?

 Litecoin Price Analysis: Will LTC Keep Its Upward Momentum Intact?

Litecoin (LTC) has now been emerging slowly from the bear shadow, as evident from its price momentum over the past few days. The past week has seen the price of LTC move in the range between $39 – $47 over this period.

LTC/USD Price Chart

Litecoin (LTC) Price News

Litecoin has shown remarkable price recovery over the past week, raising the hopes of its community. The price of LTC started the week below the baseline at $39.87 on April 03. From this low, it went upwards to $41.22 on the same day showing an upward swing of 3.26%. Later, the currency once again saw the bears taking charge, and on the same day, the price fell to $40.20, the fall is at 2.64%.

From here onwards, Litecoin marked a slow and steady upward momentum, and it reached a high of $47.20 by a massive hike of 17% on yesterday. The volatility again took the price of LTC down to $44.36; the fall is at 6.01%. However, today, the coin regains its upward momentum and touches $46.75, the rise is at 5.39%.

LTC has once again shown that it has the capability to withstand the ongoing bearish volatility in the crypto market. Analysts are also confident about the ability of the coin to deliver at regular intervals and expect it to gain when the crypto market shows some more stability.

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