Finder Predicts Litecoin To Reach $266 Price Before 2021 Ends

 Finder Predicts Litecoin To Reach $266 Price Before 2021 Ends

Finder, the well-known product comparison website, recently gathered a team of FinTech experts to assess the crypto market. The expert panel suggested that Litecoin will grow by 40% in 2021, reaching a market value of 266 dollars.

Launched back in 2011, Litecoin has been fluctuating between 175 dollars and 187 dollars for the previous three days. also predicted the price of DOGE, ETH, and BTC using Finder.

For example, the FinTech expert panel suggests that DOGE will reach 1.21 dollars by 2025 and 3.60 dollars by 2030. Moreover, another report claims that Ethereum will grow to 4,500 dollars in 2021 and 18,000 dollars before 2025 is over.

The panel consisting of 42 FinTech experts agree that Litecoin (LTC) will grow more than 40% before 2021 ends. Litecoin is among the most popular cryptocurrencies, but the sudden rise of digital assets has displaced the token from the top ten cryptos. Currently, the cryptocurrency ranks 14th when it comes to market cap, scoring over 12.5 billion dollars. Several experts believe that the currency will find its way back into the top ten cryptos, but over 76% oppose the idea.

Several veterans and big names joined the expert panel, such as:

  • Joseph Raczynski (Technologist in Thomson Reuters)
  • Dr. Iwa Salami (Senior Lecturer in the University of East London)
  • Sagi Bakshi (Chief Executive Officer of Coinmama)

More than 80% of experts agreed that Litecoin is losing relevance, but one expert supported the crypto all the way. The expert says the cryptocurrency will reach 900 dollars, 3000 dollars, and 6,000 dollars every five years.

John Hawkins, the University of Canberra’s senior lecturer and an expert in the Finder panel, suggested the lowest price prediction for LTC. As per John, the cryptocurrency will stay around 80 dollars with its low media profile. 

Although 15% of the expert panel thinks Litecoin can reach the top ten cryptocurrencies, its chances are low. Moreover, seeing the quick surge of unique crypto projects, Litecoin might lose even more relevance.

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